Monday, 10 November 2008

We want to give you free midwifery care!

Although Independent Midwives have chosen to work outside of the NHS there is currently a National, Government-supported campaign to make independent midwifery FREE to all women. Local Primary Care Trusts have the authority to commission an independent midwife to care for women under the NHS. If we can raise awareness of this possibility, and of the demand for it in your area, then maybe one day all women will have access to a personalised midwifery service.

So if you would like to be able to choose your midwife, get to know and trust her, have plenty of time during appointments and know she will be with you when you give birth in the place of your choice FREE, please fill in our online form. It's a letter to the Chief Executive of the Primary Care Trust, asking them to commission the services of local independent midwives who offer individualised, woman-focussed care. Once you've filled in the form, including your address, we'll forward it to your local Trust.


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  2. Its so exciting to see that things are moving towards IM's working with PCT's for the benefit of all women, regardless of income. Whilst there are lots of hurdles for IM's to overcome to ensure they retain their autonomy, this really raises the possiblity of midwives taking control of their working lives and offering continuity to a caseload of women. This will also mean that women will be able to choose their midwife, I see a future where women interview a few local midwives and then choose one, rather than being told who their midwife will be. This will really change the way maternity care is delivered in the UK, and I know how hard Independent Midwives UK have been working to achieve this. I am aware that some IM's and women are worried that IM's will get tied into restrictive contracts stating who they can and who they can't care for - I can't ever see that Independent Midwives UK will agree to this. It is a long, difficult and probably stressful road ahead but ultimately the roll out of IM services across the UK, free to all women, in my opinion is a great step forward.


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