Monday, 10 November 2008


Congratulations to Lesley who had a lovely baby boy this week. We were never quite sure if she was going to go ahead with her plan of a natural home birth and no intervention until 2 weeks prior to labour starting. Lesley had a low-lying placenta that stayed in the lower segment till almost term then moved out of the way over the course of a week. Definitely a case where the scan caused worry than peace of mind... Or was it? The placenta was anterior and on the left. But that is where baby should lay isn't it? Babies face their placenta don't they? yes! So now we know we have a baby laying on the right and therefore if we agree with optimal fetal positioning then this little one is more likely to turn posterior.

On day of labour memranes ruptured prior to labour starting and yes, as we thought, baby was posterior and laying on the right. Lovely quick and straightforward labour as baby was small and therefore deep in the pelvis, despite the wider dimensions of a posterior presentation. However, a long second stage while waiting for baby to rotate. Eventually we had a relaxed transfer to hospital. Lesley walked in fully dressed with her handbag over her arm looking as less like a woman fully dilated than you can get. The very helpful NHS staff were surprised I am sure to see us arrive all smiles and relaxed. The result was a ventouse birth but a very happy mum and baby none the less. So ok we did have a few unnecessary concerns re the low placenta such as will or won't it move, but at least we were prepared for the OP labour and Lesley had someone (thing) firmly to blame.....she is composing a complaint letter to her placenta as I write.....