Monday, 10 November 2008

Introduction from Virginia Howes

Welcome to the Kent Midwifery Practice blog. Kent Midwifery Practice is a partnership of independent midwives, Virginia Howes and Kay Hardie. You can read more about us on the Kent Midwifery Practice website.

We are Independent Midwives who practise in Kent and South-East London. An Independent Midwife is a fully qualified midwife who works in a self-employed capacity, outside the NHS. Like NHS midwives, we are closely regulated and supervised (our supervisors are NHS Supervisors of Midwives), but unlike most NHS midwives, we can provide one-to-one care for a woman throughout her pregnancy and birth.

We'll be using this blog to muse on various pregnancy and birth issues which our clients ask about, and which we thought other people might find useful. We'll also use it to keep friends up-to-date with news about our practice.

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  1. I am excited about contributing to the blog and sharing experiences and practice issues. I would like to share these in a forum which encourages openness, honesty and a respect for each others knowledge, experience and work environments. I am reassured that this is a secure site that will enable this to happen.
    Similarly to Virginia I am passionate about keeping birth normal and rebalancing what has become a medical dominated 'process'leaving women in a place where they lack the confidence in their bodies to birth their babies normally. I am fortunate to work with Virginia as a colleague and supervisor. I marvel at her energy, knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to women and the whole birthing process. I have to say I have learnt much from her and I am sure will continue to do so.


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