Sunday, 19 June 2011

funny breastfeeding video

Well 7 months of hard work is over and now its just the waiting and seeing. Just before christmas last year a group of us including my good friend Bernie from thought about making a breastfeeding video. Not an educational one, (not to say they are not amazing because they all are), but a funny, cheeky one that will provoke attention and get the subject talked about. We were looking for a funny modern topical idea and it all gradually came together.....I have written the whole story about the making of it and why etc already so wont go into long detail again but if you want you can read it here. Anyway the video is on You Tube and the response is pretty amazing...both ways....I would say 99% positive but with a few people just not "getting it". Glamorous women saying "we are proud of who we are, proud of what we do, come and do it too its fun", not taking themselves too seriously, poking fun at themselves even and all for a very good reason....feeding our babies in the best possible way. We had lots of mums turn up on the day of filming all looking beautiful in their own ways, all willing to feed on camera...I say to everyone who took part ....very well done...didnt we have fun?
watch it here

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