Thursday, 12 March 2009

Aquanatal class a huge success

Another success for Kent Midwifery Practice as last week saw the launch of our new Aquanatal classes. Having spent the previous couple of months learning exercise in water for pregnant women then making posters, distributing them , compiling health forms, registers, dance routines, looking around at venues and talking to pool managers.... phew! I was exhausted just thinking about the actual day. I then started to worry if any pregnant women would even turn up!
I had promised a free lunch as well as the first class free but that meant unless I was fully booked at every session I would make a loss. While I had not intended making a profit I certainly did not want to be actually funding the whole venture too.
A couple of weeks prior to launch I had interest and received some cheques in the post to pre book a group of sessions. I had been told by other midwives who run classes around the country that in their experience initially 6-8 women may come but that word of mouth will make the class grow. By the night before I had 8 women already booked and paid for so I was feeling a bit optimistic.
D day arrived and off I went with my student midwife daughter as my biggest support on the day. Women started to arrive at 10.30 as requested, to complete the health check forms and sort out any last minute fees.

By the start of the class to my utter amazement we had only one less than full capacity of women and I was ecstatic, 14 women turned up and as I was driving to the class another rang and booked for next week. So we now have full capacity for the next 4 weeks.

As for the actual class? Well it was great, we had loads of fun and no-one drowned!!
I remembered my routine and all the women said they loved it. After the class we all sat down with a nice cool drink and lunch and had an antenatal discussion.

The women told me they loved the breathing exercise and references to what will happen in labour as well as the discussion around food and what constitutes a good pregnancy diet.

This week I have music to add to the aquanatal moves and I am planning to talk about the progress of labour.......

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  1. I used to go to a class like this when I was expecting my first baby. A swimming teacher took the class and an independent midwife hosted the discussion group afterwards. It was a wonderful resource - the discussion group taught me so much, and gave much more time for chatting and asking questions than most antenatal classes. I made some good friends in that group, and 11 years on we're still pals and our children are best mates!


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